Summer/Fall 2019

Naturalists — You’re just in time for Humboldt summer, that late season where the sun warms our hills and beaches into October. Coastal temperatures don’t sizzle like they do inland but you should put on sunblock nonetheless — telling people back home you got a sunburn in famously foggy Humboldt will get you no sympathy. As for what to do while you’re here, the Insider is full of ideas.

In this issue’s Perfect Trips, we invite you to make the most of the weather: Dip your toes in gentle swimming holes, paddle kayaks to remote camps, take in some…
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Spring/Summer 2019

Naturalists — Humboldt County is full of unspoiled natural beauty: ancient redwood forests, seascapes and rolling hills. And people here care about taking care of it. It’s no wonder we’ve got plenty of ways to enjoy the wonders of our part of the North Coast while keeping in mind its best stewardship. Listen, we were doing eco-tourism before it was cool.

Our Perfect Trips section takes you on an eco-friendly tour of the county, from the scenic and bird-filled Arcata Marsh that (who knew?) doubles as a wastewater treatment facility to our zero-waste Oyster Festival. If you really want…
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Winter/Spring 2019

Save it for a Rainy Day — There's a reason Humboldt County has such a lush, verdant landscape: It rains a lot. Our rains have quenched the thirst of pre-historic forests and rivers, shaping the natural beauty of the North Coast. We kind of love it. Really. When the rains return after a dry spell, you'll hear locals sigh with relief and say how they missed the rain. Most don't even use an umbrella, satisfied to pull up a hood against the drops.

Winter storms mean action on the ocean, too, and there's no better place to watch white caps…
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Diversity & Equity in the Workforce

Diversity & Equity in the Workforce @ D Street Neighborhood Center

Thu., Oct. 17, 11:45 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

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