Fall/Winter 2018

Coffee Break — Most days, coffee is the fuel that propels us from task to task, but fall is the perfect season to slow down and savor. Is there anything better than wrapping your hands around a hot cup on a crisp day? Even the aroma seems stronger as the winds pick up. Those who love to linger in a café or enjoy the ritual of brewing at home will find plenty of opportunities in Humboldt right now.

In this issue, we'll tour a trio of iconic coffee roasters, stopping to smell the fair-trade beans at Signature Coffee, hang in…
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Summer/Fall 2018

Grab Your Popcorn — We're a long way from Hollywood but over the years, Humboldt County has been host to film crews of every stripe, along with an entire army of Ewoks.

A quick skim of our map sourced from the Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commission's guide shows you where E.T. waddled in the woods and where movies like Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and Outbreak took advantage of our larger-than-life landscapes and historic architecture. And it's not just the blockbusters — cool indies have made Humboldt their backdrops, too, like the cult retro- occult picture The Love Witch and…
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Spring/Summer 2018

A Great Spot for a Picnic — The spring rain has eased off, the sun is out and the grass is lush — Humboldt is picnic primed. Pack up a basket and a blanket, and let’s go.

How about a bluff overlooking the sea? Maybe a riverside location or a view of Humboldt Bay? “Shipwrecks, Rivers and Railroads” will show you the way to some of the most scenic places to spread out a blanket, uncork and unwind.

In this issue’s Perfect Trips, there are even more al fresco options, from the massive redwood Picnic Tree to an oyster…
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