Fall/Winter 2023

Rain or Shine

A little rain isn’t going to stop our fun, not in Humboldt. In fact, folks here tend to not even bother with umbrellas, preferring to brave the weather with a hoodie and/or a hat.

And our county has plenty to entertain both when the fall sun shines or the winter clouds gather. Enjoy long walks on the beach? Our coasts are gorgeous all year and we’ve got a roundup of favorites for strolling — or rolling, if you’re using one of the sand-friendly wheelchairs available for use. And in Perfect Trips, you’ll find…
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Spring / Summer 2023

Back in the Sunshine

First things first: Just because it’s Humboldt County, sheltered under redwood canopies and the occasional morning fog (we don’t call the eighth month Fogust for nothing) doesn’t mean you can’t get a burn. So grab your shades, slather on some SPF and get ready for the return of sunny weather.

Take a gander at the season’s Perfect Trips and you’ll see where locals will be basking: on trails with wildlife and boat decks with beverages, rafting on the river and flying kites. Don’t even get us started on festivals. Actually, do — our story on…
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Reel Genius Trivia at Mountain Mike's Pizza Mckinleyville

Reel Genius Trivia at Mountain Mike's Pizza Mckinleyville @ Mountain Mike's Pizza

Wednesdays, 6-8 p.m. Continues through June 30

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