The music, the evening’s menu and handwritten vows are all tailored to reflect the betrothed. Engagement and wedding rings, too, are a special part of the union. Why shouldn’t they be as unique as the couple exchanging them? If you’re interested in giving your intended a one-of-a-kind ring, here are a handful of jewelers in Humboldt County that can help.

Abraxas Jewelers

click to enlarge Ring by Abraxas Jewelers.
  • Ring by Abraxas Jewelers.
Abraxas Jewelers offers beautiful jewelry tailored to your own personal style. Using CAD (computer-aided design) software, the jewelers at Abraxas develop models and photorealistic renderings of the ring, involving you in the ring’s creation and allowing you to see the maker’s process from start to finish. Three custom jewelers offer a range of designs and styles. You’ll find classic, elegant pieces, as well as one-of-a-kind rings. Abraxas works with an array of materials, from local abalone to high-end and rare imported jewels, so you’ll have access to what fits both your style and your budget. The jewelers at Abraxas also refurbish antique rings, reworking family heirlooms to better suit you or your loved one.

Old Town Jewelers

click to enlarge Custom ring by Steve Johnson of OTJ - ZACH LATHOURIS
  • Zach Lathouris
  • Custom ring by Steve Johnson of OTJ
Steve Johnson – All of Steve Johnson’s designs are “eyeball engineered” and executed with exquisite craftmanship. Johnson approaches his work the old-fashioned way — without CAD programming. Instead, his rings start on paper, then he carves them in wax, casts, polishes, refines and bejewels them. Ranging from Renaissance to Art Deco-inspired to more abstract pieces with fluid, watery curves, Johnson makes original, wearable works of arts. He encourages people to think of jewelry as an emotional investment — purchases to make yourself or someone else happy, pieces that will become heirlooms, rich with sentiment.

click to enlarge 14k yellow gold + 14k white gold rings with brushed finsh by Rachel Smith of OTJ.
  • 14k yellow gold + 14k white gold rings with brushed finsh by Rachel Smith of OTJ.
Rachel Smith – Often described as “reminiscent of ancient relics,” Rachel Smith’s pieces are earthy and organic. Relying on tools and techniques that have been used for centuries, Smith creates pieces that harken back to earlier times. Her designs are made with precision and skill, while incorporating older styles, like rose cuts and antique European cuts, and hammered textures that yield a talismanic quality. Smith believes that jewelry is symbolic and should be as original and unique as the individual for whom a piece is made.

McFarland Designs

click to enlarge 14k rose gold and Moissanite ring by Tamara McFarland
  • 14k rose gold and Moissanite ring by Tamara McFarland
Using recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones (both fair-trade mined and lab-created, including moissanite), Tamara McFarland creates beautiful custom wedding bands and engagement rings. In addition to being unique works of art, her designs are eco friendly and sustainable, so you don’t have to forfeit your values for a stunning ring. McFarland’s rings often have an organically textured surface and incorporate simple, elegant lines that speak to the ideology behind her work. 
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