Your wedding day is the greatest day you will never remember.” Although not exactly accurate, this proved to be the most apt wedding advice I was given before my wife and I tied the knot. I still smile to think about the blur that was my big day, and find it difficult to recall details that our guests can. But there are these beautiful little glimpses that stand out like islands in the rushing river of that day — moments of pure bliss where everything fell into place and created a beautiful memory — which is the whole idea.

Not long ago I learned of a great memory maker that I wish had been around when I got married: custom couples' drinks. The concept has been around for a while but has lately gone mainstream. You can find recipes online from everyone from Smirnoff to Martha Stewart, but to get a truly custom experience you need to go to a professional.

Being a mixologist myself, I am of the opinion that the first ingredient in any great drink is a great bartender. I got an introduction to crafting signature drinks at an open house hosted by James Morrison and his team — all terribly hip and impressively well-versed in the world of mixology — from Humboldt Event Services.

“Classic drinks are popular right now,” Morrison said. “I like to use that as a starting point.” In fact, riffing on the classics is a big theme among the Humboldt Event Services team members. With staff coming from wine and barista backgrounds, ingredients are another important part of their cocktailing. The open house featured an alarmingly wonderful creation based on the Moscow Mule that blended strawberries and jalapenos.

When it comes to signature drinks for a wedding, there are several different ways to go. Some people prefer drinks that match the theme of their wedding. There are those who pick cocktails that will match the colors of their wedding as well. Some like to have one signature concoction that represents the couple, while still others craft one beverage for each individual personality.

Morrison described his method of building drinks for his client. “I like to meet with the couple to find out what their tastes are like,” he said. “Sometimes they have a definite idea … ‘I want a Jack and Coke,’ and I will say, ‘Alright, we’ll use that as a starting point and create something you will like that is uniquely yours.”

Among bartenders, there is a saying: “Finding that perfect taste is never easy, and always worth it.” The same could be said about the search for your partner, so why not consider custom drinks at your wedding reception? Imagine having your own concoction — your first drink together as a married couple. Try Morrison’s version of a classic here and get inspired. P
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