Tandoori Bites

Tandoori Bites

Hometown flavors — Punjab to Eureka

By Jennifer Fumiko Cahill | Winter/Spring 2020

Tomo Forever

Arcata’s sushi institution

By Jennifer Fumiko Cahill | Fall/Winter 2019

Bright Flavors

at Fregoso's Comida Mexicana

By Héctor Alejandro Arzate | Summer/Fall 2019

Getting Veggie-centric
at Wildflower Cafe

Serving up sustainability

By Grant Scott-Goforth | Spring/Summer 2019

Mi Mochima

South American cuisine
on California’s North Coast 

By Nora Mounce | Winter/Spring 2019

Around the Fire

At Campground in Arcata

By Jennifer Fumiko Cahill | Fall/Winter 2018

Flavors of the Caribbean

at A Taste of Bim

By Andrea Juarez | Summer/Fall 2018

Live Local, Eat Global

Dining at Le Monde and Sushi Spot

By Deidre Pike | Spring/Summer 2018

Flavor Palette

Tuyas in Ferndale

By Deidre Pike | Winter/Spring 2018

Family Business

Two restaurants with good genes

By Deidre Pike | Fall/Winter 2017


The bounty of Humboldt’s pastures

By Deidre Pike | Summer/Fall 2017

The Traditionalists

By Jennifer Fumiko Cahill | Spring/Summer 2017


Breakfast In Bayside

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