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  • May - October 2022
  • Vol. 7, No. 1
  • Spring/Summer 2022

Summer Comeback — The warm temperatures and blue skies are here again, and with them some of the festivals and other events we’ve missed. We at Insider are all kinds of ready to soak up the sunshine and good times again.

Our enthusiasm pales in comparison to that of Shoshanna, though, the local festival fixture, dance teacher and twirling swirl of sequins. We’ll introduce you to Arcata’s event cheerleader, if you don’t know her already, and find out how she’s been keeping it festive through a pandemic. You can say hello the next time you see her out on the plaza belly dancing or dressed as a fairy or a mermaid, with a gaggle of children trailing behind.

Some of those events are previewed in our Perfect Trips, full of colorful kites, murals and kinetic sculptures racing over land and water. (Oh, how we’ve missed you, Kinetic Grand Championship.) There are plenty of options for creative outlets, like sand sculpting and gallery hopping, as well as for getting physical on bikes and at the batting cages.

If it’s hot enough for you, we’ve also got the skinny on taking a dip in local swimming holes —specifically, a lineup of great ones on the famed Six Rivers. Picnic, wade and dry off in the sun. Just do us a favor and don’t skip the safety stuff, OK? And listen to your mom and wait 20 minutes after eating.

Speaking of eating, get ready to make brunch plans. We’re loving all the new outdoor dining options around the county — parklets! picnic tables! heaters and sidewalk tables! — especially the new patio at the Pub at the Creamery. The guava mimosas and homemade biscuits don’t hurt, either. Oh, and flip to the Menu of Menus listings in the issue for a breakdown of our eateries by region. We can’t promise it’ll make it easier to decide on dinner, though.

Another recently revived tradition has us toasting in Blue Lake: drinks at the Logger Bar. The historic bar has a new outdoor area, new ownership and a million old stories. Pull up a barstool and get to know the regulars with us.

And since everything old is new again, how could we resist a little thrifting? Bring a reusable bag and hit a couple of up-and-coming spots for looks worth re-serving. Redwood Retro has you covered for vintage vibes and Brainwash Thrift takes an artsy and inclusive approach.

And, of course, you’ll want to peruse the calendar in the back for all kinds of fun to be had from now through October. Redwood Coast Music Festival, North Country Fair, Arcata Bay Oyster Festival — it’s all in there. Join the fun.

— Jennifer Fumiko Cahill

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