Fall/Winter 2022

Beauty and Good Times

Grab a sweater or better yet a hoodie and join us for another gorgeous fall and winter in Humboldt. Both the season and this issue of the Insider are packed with beauty and good times. We might even find you some snow, if you time your visit right.

Let's start with beauty. We'll introduce you to artist, activist and educator Lyn Risling, whose vibrant images and sweet children's books speak to her connection to the thriving Native cultures of the North Coast. In Perfect Trips, you'll see more art in the form of working artist…
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Spring/Summer 2022

Summer Comeback — The warm temperatures and blue skies are here again, and with them some of the festivals and other events we’ve missed. We at Insider are all kinds of ready to soak up the sunshine and good times again.

Our enthusiasm pales in comparison to that of Shoshanna, though, the local festival fixture, dance teacher and twirling swirl of sequins. We’ll introduce you to Arcata’s event cheerleader, if you don’t know her already, and find out how she’s been keeping it festive through a pandemic. You can say hello the next time you see her out…
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Red Corvette - A Tribute To Prince

Red Corvette - A Tribute To Prince @ Bear River Casino and Resort Tish Non Ballroom

Fri., June 2, 9 p.m.

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